DP Exists For A Reason, Not A Season

Nobert Mao

Following the withdrawal of Hon. Lilliane Babirye Kamome, the DP Parliamentary Candidate in the Kyadondo East by elections, we hope that our demonstrated commitment to a united front for democratic change is appreciated.

We remain concerned that many in our ranks continue to undermine the value of institutions and organized struggle. Populist individuals in the absence of strong established institutions will at best be powerful catalysts.

They can never be main reactants. That’s why potassium permanganate can catalyze hydrogen peroxide to turn into water but the end result of the chemical process does not embody even a molecule of the catalyst.

We insist that ideas matter. We insist that institutions matter. It is our expectation that we learn lessons from our previous efforts at unseating NRM. Sadly, Kyadondo East is yet another reminder that like the Bourbons, we have learnt nothing and forgotten nothing!

To our party members, we urge you to know the truth and interpret it in the light of our principles. In a campaign generating more heat than light, some short-sighted people expect us to swim with the current.

But that is not what makes DP great. Only dead fish flow with the current. We see our members scattered all over the opposition land-scape and wonder why!

They are now like rogue pilots frolicking in the air, disconnected from the political control tower that should guide their flight.

Furthermore, efforts at building a united opposition front in Kyadondo East have not yielded a positive outcome. It is our responsibility not to muddy the waters further. With the key opposition players divided our only hope is that the voters will unite against the NRM at the ballot box.

Finally, let me restate our guiding creed. Even when our actions align with seasons, the reason of our existence as a party is paramount.

Let people hate us for what we are rather than love us for what we’re not. DP exists for a reason, not a season.

The seasons come and go. DP abides. We remain the party of Truth and Justice. We shall be guided by our timeless values rather flavours of the moment.

Norbert Mao, President, Democratic Party

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