When MP Sseggona Met With President Museveni

Habitually, Medard Lubega Sseggona, the Busiro East MP and a renowned Lawyer lacks kind words for President Museveni whom he once said that he came to Power when he was still attending his P.3.

For all his years, and he vividly says it whenever he gets a chance to speak to the people, Sseggona has been opposing President Museveni-and his ruling NRM that have ruled Uganda for 32-years now.

Based on the bombarding words Sseggona always throw at Museveni, would hardly think that the latter could even shake hands with the man he always calls all sorts of names including, but not limited to being a super dictator.

However, when they met at Nabbingo Girls’ School in Sseggona’s Busiro East Constituency, the bombarding Sseggona just bowed amid extending to warm handshake to the president.

Among the many onlookers, was Vincent Ssempijja, the Minister of Agriculture and a vividly jovial unidentified woman.

The hand shake left many of the DP members wondering how Sseggona could accept to shake hands with Museveni whom he has always accused of all bad things-because sometimes, he at times accused those who shook hands with Museveni most especially Fred Mukasa Mbidde, the vice President in-charge of Buganda region who early this year faced stiff criticism for attending a national function where Museveni who was the chief guest shook his hands on top of describing him as a “good DP.”

Perhaps, the power of the presidency is overwhelming that even avid critics can bow before their arch enemy and things continue normally.



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